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Health & social care

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We supply specialist accounting and business advice for public, private and non-profit organisations and individuals operating in the health and social care sectors. Typically, these range from medical professionals, dentists and pharmacists, to foster carers, nursing homes and nurseries.

Operating in the health and social care sector requires you to show expertise and empathy to your patients or clients, and providing expert advice with a human touch is also at the heart of our accounting services for all of clients – not just those in this sector.

Our business planning service can help you start a new health or social care company or assist with buying an existing business, while advising on the most efficient structure to manage your business’s tax liabilities. We also provide detailed tax advice for you and your business.

For existing companies in this sector, our management consultancy service can monitor and improve the performance of your business. That puts us in the best position to advise on ways to maintain or boost profits.

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