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Late tax returns or major inconsistencies are not the only reasons tax inspectors might come calling. They can target your business randomly or based on the sector it operates in. Whatever the reason for tax inspectors looking into your business’s affairs, you can rely on us to help.

Usually, tax probes are triggered when people do their own accounts. If that applies to you, we offer a sympathetic ear to understand your position. Then we can talk you through the details, including the type of enquiry and the information HMRC requires, before offering a potential resolution.

Should a tax inspector request to visit your business or ask you to meet with them, we are happy to stand by your side and you can even hold the meeting on neutral ground at our office.

The simplest way to ensure compliance is to maintain accurate records for the last six years. Even simpler than that, if we handle your business’s tax obligations, all correspondence from HMRC will come directly to us and we’ll have all the information they need to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

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